Emergency Dentistry

What you should do in an Emergency

What should I do?

First of all—do not panic. Dental emergencies are unusual, but do happen. Whether you’ve chipped your tooth or it’s been knocked out completely, all of these issues can be fixed.

During Opening Hours

Please call the clinic, on 021 4 813 813 and we’ll see you immediately.

Outside of Opening Hours

In case of emergency, you can contact your local GP or attend an emergency room.

If you wish to contact a Cobh Dental Clinic dentist, please note that a charge out fee of €500, plus €150 for every additional half hour applies.

To arrange this, please call 087 27 64 755.

Knocked Out Tooth?

  • Avoid touching the root
  • If an adult tooth has been knocked out and I have it If you still have the tooth, put it in a glass of milk or water, and time is of the essence. Call to the surgery immediately if there is a dentist on duty and we’ll see you straight away.
  • Do not rinse with water or alcohol
  • If the tooth is clean, place it back in the socket as soon as possible and bite down on a clean piece of material.
  • If you’re in doubt, store it in a glass of milk or some of your saliva if possible and bring it immediately to the clinic

My adult tooth has been knocked out and I don’t have it

Your lost tooth can be replaced, and the type of replacement depends on the location in your mouth, health of surrounding teeth and much more.

A denture – a removeable tooth, clipped to others.

A bridge – A false tooth affixed to teeth on either side of it Read More

An implant – a false tooth screwed to your jawbone.

I’ve chipped my tooth, what should I do?

Firstly, don’t panic, these things happen. If the chip is small, you should make a regular appointment with our clinic. We’ll be able to repair the damage, matching in the colour and shape as if the chip never happened.

I’ve broken a large part off my tooth

Every injury is different, and your treatment will be tailored to your exact situation. If the part of the tooth may be repairable with filling materials, or if you’ve badly damaged the tooth, you may need a crown of a root canal. If you’re worried in any way, please call the surgery and we’ll see you immediately.


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